Free Rashi Chart

Manco.Chart for WPF 5.3.1

No Image charts are available, such as traditional area, bar, column, line and pie charts, financial bars and Japanese candlesticks, Kagi and Renko charts and others. Flexible areas filling, scaling, legends, grid, context menus, and drill-down. Manco.Chart for WPF allows using data from the XML, array of doubles and DataTable object. Package includes Chart Control itself, chart configuration control, and arts to decorate chart area. Manco.Chart for WPF is

Dragonfly Chart .Net 2.000: .Net Chart Components can be used in .Net user interface apps
Dragonfly Chart .Net 2.000

chart, ring chart, bar chart, X-Y Chart and angle chart, which can be widely applied in many .Net applications such as Industrial Automation HMI applications, financial and insurance applications, scientific research and analytical applications, development/simulation applications, and so on. In this package, there are more than 7 .Net Windows Forms Controls, i.e., NetPieChart, NetFlatPieChart, Net3DPieChart, BarChart, FlatBarChart, XYChart and AngleChart

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Animated Chart Pro - Flash Chart Software 2.1: Powerful tool for customizable Flash charts with animation effects
Animated Chart Pro - Flash Chart Software 2.1

Animated Chart creates flash charts to publish them to web sites. All items and structures of flash charts are customizable with clicking the chart preview. Select a flash chart type: Area, Bar, Bubble, Column, Doughnut, Line, Pie, Scatter, Radar, Stock; for Flash 8 format set animation effects for every chart element. Animated Chart Pro Edition supports external data files for dynamic flash charts with live data.

column chart stock chart, chart, flash graph, dynamic flash charts, flash graphs, animated chart, charts in flash, chart software, flash charts, animated charts, chart flash, graph, flash chart ActiveStockChart 1.0: ActiveX component for representation of stock charts ActiveStockChart 1.0

chart; allows to set colors of all represented chart elements; allows to load data for representation from text file and stream, and to save data in file or stream; requires minimum work resources, has high drawing speed. ActiveStockChart based on the StockChart library. All features of ActiveStockChart component coincide with the StockChart library ActiveStockChart tested for: Microsoft

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MB Free Muhurtha Astrology 1.30: A good tool for electional astrology to find auspicious time for good tasks.
MB Free Muhurtha Astrology 1.30

MB Free Muhurtha Astrology is a `Vedic Electional Astrology` software which finds out the auspicious time of any activity based on the calculations of Vedic astrology. The software gives you a detailed Report for the choice of your time for an auspicious occasion. It also gives you information about your rashi, rashi lord, nakshatra, nakshatra lord, lagna, Tithi, Karana and the like.

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MB Free Moon Sign 1.30: MB Free Moon Sign is a moon sign calculator software based on Vedic Astrology.
MB Free Moon Sign 1.30

Free Moon Sign is a moon sign calculator software based on Vedic Astrology. This program tells us in detail the characteristics and features of people born under a particular moon sign. This is different from the sun sign calculated in western astrology. This helps you understand your positive and negative traits, thus helping you improve your personality. Moon Signs or rashis play an important role in understanding an individual. It is also known

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